Book Review: Saint George: Rusty Knight and Monster Tamer

Book Review of Saint George: Rusty Knight and Monster Tamer

Today I'm going to be reading and reviewing Saint George: Rusty Knight and Monster Tamer by John Powell

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The Recommendation

Anyone who loves crazy stories and satire about knights and castles and whatnot is sure to love this wild story about Saint George.

The Review

This story sunk its teeth into me and dragged me along for the ride. I had no idea what I was stepping into when I took this book to read, and I love the pacing and characterization displayed in here. The characters have some really great names like Prime Minister Merlin the Whirlin and the book never really stops to take itself too seriously.

The writer did a great job crafting this world, and it's so creative and funny that I just couldn't get enough. It was written for kids, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and I would imagine many adults would find the same level of enjoyment.

I can see some people who like their stories to be a little more serious not really liking this one, but all in all I have to say I was really impressed. Oh, and if you already know some English History, then you'll get even more out of this story, because it does play on a lot of real history while telling its funny side stories.

The Rating: 4-Star

About the Author

John Powell has had a long and distinguished career as an industrial and scientific engineer. In 1971 he travelled to Ghana to take up the post of senior lecturer in mechanical engineering at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, and his life-long love affair with Ghana began. Since then he has travelled the world as a consultant to many international agencies, including UNIDO. He was awarded the OBE in 1991 for services to technical education in Ghana, and in 2003 he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Science by KNUST in recognition of his long and invaluable service to the country. He now lives in Whitney, Oxfordshire.