Email Newsletter Sites in Review (Part 3) - GenreCrave


I've used this company fairly often since it's inception, and I've had pretty good results from it. 

Ease of Using the Site

Easy to use, GenreCrave is not a difficult site to manipulate. It only takes a couple of minutes to submit a book and they approve them very quickly as well.


They let you list books by genre just like every other Newsletter site, and they do have pretty good coverage of genres, though not as much as other sites. Mostly, you'll be missing out entirely on anything from the literary or contemporary genres, though this isn't a huge mark against them since those genres typically underwhelm for normal newsletters anyway.

The benefit of this is it helps focus readership and crossover: a lot of people who enjoy science fiction also enjoy fantasy, so having readers from similar genres means more readers will invest across categories.

BookBlast (formerly Hungry Author)

This is one of their more interesting services, and it used to be an unaffiliated stand-alone offering. Basically, in transitioning from a new release service it became streamlined and trimmed a lot of the fat. It doesn't seem to offer reviews anymore (which used to be part of the service) and it is more expensive but doesn't offer multiple levels of the blast. 

Now it is just one blast, targeted for new release books at 99 cents. I've used it launching two books, one at 99 cents and one at $3.49 and I have to say it underperformed by quite a bit at the higher price point. They offer it as an option, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it. Sales at a higher price point than 99 cents rarely do well, so I can't blame the service for the weak sales.


They aren't terrible: for their normal stuff, twenty-five bucks are about all you're going to be expecting to pay, and there is almost always a coupon out there to cut the cost down at least a little bit. 

The blast is a lot more expensive, but again it's a very specific service targeted toward new release novels so doesn't really count.


I've had really good luck with this website, and if you want to check some of the posted results head on over to:



Their site is easy to navigate, their prices are reasonable, and they are fairly transparent. 

Grade: B+