Book Review of First Contact: Strings Attached

The Recommendation

Fans of first contact stories will love this one, falling right into this creative new world and finding themselves right at home.

The Review

This book really paints a picture for us. Paul is fantastic at describing things, and I found myself sucked right into the world alongside the character and trying to find out exactly what was going on. I did not, at all, see the ending coming and was completely caught off guard.

The book is super creative and I had no idea if the alien he was telepathically communicating with was good or evil. Zalk is a cool character, as is the reporter who tries to trick him into giving up important details.

Everything about this story just clicked together and made a really interesting story. I really enjoyed it, and anyone who likes the genre and this type of novel will too. Well done, and now I just have to wait for the next one! 

Zalk, an astronomer on an oppressive industrial-age world, discovers more than just life on the other planet they share their orbit with – he forges a telepathic link with an ambassador from this spacefaring society, who promises wealth and fantastic technology. The catch? He must implement plans for a mining operation, financed by drops of gold from the heavens...

What exactly are the intentions of this celestial messenger? Can he reconcile with an antagonistic reporter to find out in time? Joining forces may be their only hope to save their world.

About the Author

Paul J. Nelson, J.D., a former workaholic, quit work to rest. His wife then needed rest too. She locked him in his den. He had to email her his literary output for the ay, before she would let him out for dinner. Many days dinner was cold.