Book Review: Guardians of Paradise

I just finished reading Guardians of Paradise by W.E. Lawrence

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The Recommendation

Fans of this kind of story will love Guardians of Paradise, and everyone else should give it a shot as well!

The Review

Not really something in my wheelhouse, this book caught me by surprise. It was fun, clever, and had some really cool characters. I didn't like Trevor a lot, but Kira was really brought to life in how the author described her and built her up. She is a fantastic heroine who would do anything to save her island.

It is very mature in the romance department, but never gross or taking things too far. The author does a really good job of describing this world and creating paradise in the reader's mind without getting us bogged down in too many details.

All in all, a great read and I look forward to reading more by Lawrence!

Rating: 4-stars

Guardian of Paradise
By W. E. Lawrence

In 1888, Kira Wall, surviving daughter of missionaries swept away in a tsunami, lives a primitive, but enjoyable life with natives on an isolated island in the South Pacific. But her serene world is turned upside down when an Australian merchant ship, commanded by the sinister Captain Darcy Coleman, arrives with an overabundance of modern and lavish goods. Kira suspects ill intent. Chief Ariki refuses to listen to Kira’s warning, forcing her to uncover the real plan of the captain on her own. Unfortunately, she has a distraction. A six-foot tall, blond, and handsome distraction. Trevor Marshall, doctor and botanist, hopes to find exotic plants on the island to research new cures and medicines. He is dedicated to science, but when meeting the strong-willed, beautiful Kira Wall, he’d prefer to spend time researching her—all night. 

The captain thwarts Kira’s attempts to call him out at every step, turning the village chief against her. With only Trevor and her best friend Malana by her side, she stalks the captain and his officers through the dense, predator infested jungle, toward the island’s inactive volcano. Frustrated by her failure to reveal the captain’s true intentions, Kira begins to think maybe she’s wrong about everything. Then an explosion and earthquake bigger than anyone on the island has ever seen renews her resolve. Was the blast natural or man-made? She is determined to prove it was the captain’s doing. Kira races against time and the island people’s naivety to stop the captain from destroying her home and killing everyone she loves.

About the Author

W. E. Lawrence graduated in 1978 from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill with a BS in business administration. He has run a successful home health care supplies distributorship for the past twenty-three years.

Passionate about God, writing, reading, family, sports, politics, and America, Lawrence currently lives in Davidson, North Carolina, with his lovely wife and their two wonderful children.