Book Review: Escape from Ancient Egypt by AK Taylor

A.K. Taylor is an award-winning YA fantasy/science fiction adventure writer who has been writing novels since age 16. Taylor also draws her characters and maps of the worlds she created sense then. Before this she began loving writing at age 8 and a natural world buildier.

Taylor lives in the Middle Georgia backwoods with her husband and her collection of animals. She enjoys science, the great outdoors, music, art, video games, reading, and chocolate. Now a compulsive blogger and a genre hopper, but her first love will always be fantasy!

In 2013 she founded Soaring Eagle Publicity. Visit to see what it's all about.

The Recommendation

Definitely an interesting read for young adult audiences, but fans of the genre looking for something a little more mature are going to be let down.

The Review

There are a lot of references to love and control in this book, but that is countermanded by the fact that the book is also deeply engaged in presenting strong female characters. 

It also showcased time travel, but more as a device than actually delving into the scientific aspects of what is happening. That isn't too say it was poorly handled, but rather that a lot of the conundrums and other issues that might have been addressed with a book about time travel were ommitted, but this made the story easier to follow and helped the pacing.

I liked Neiko and found her easy to relate to as she went through her struggles against the Pharaoh. I think I have a few issues with the conflicting messages of love becoming controlling and strong females who don't need men in their lives to have value, but other than that I found this to be a highly engaging read with a lot of well-developed characters and interesting plot-lines that will definitely delight their respective audience.

Rating: 4-Star

About the Book

Following an intense battle between the Indians and the Crackedskulls, Neiko and her comrades enjoy victory while her enemies suffer a crushing defeat. Victory is short lived for Neiko when Francesco pays her a visit at her home and sends her away in order to collect on his threat of revenge. She is banished into the ancient world of ancient Egypt during the reign of Ramesses II the Great on a one way ticket.

Lost and trapped in this ancient world, it doesn't take very long for trouble to find her. Taken by a rich man, she is reunited with three her friends that had been missing, and an eleven-year-old mystery is finally solved, but one of Neiko's friends is still unaccounted for. After escaping from the rich man and journeying to Thebes, Neiko and her comrades have actually jumped from the pan and into the fire.

Things go horribly awry when Pharaoh finds out about Neiko and becomes infatuated with her. Francesco comes to Egypt on orders to bring her back, but he has other plans. Can Neiko and her friends thwart Francesco, return to the 21st century, and escape from the past and one of the greatest kings that ever lived?