Book Review: Rethink Happy: An Entrepreneur’s Journey Toward Finding Authentic Joy

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About the Author

Doug Kisgen is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, and personality expert. He has extensive experience in senior care, performing arts, and working with at-risk teenagers and entrepreneurs, which he’s found to be very much alike! He has a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a Servant Leadership Certificate from Gonzaga Graduate School, is a certified catechist, and a graduate of the Entrepreneurial Masters Program hosted by MIT. He has also participated in formal spiritual direction and doctrinal formation since 2008.

Those are the credentials behind what Doug does, but his real drive comes from his desire to help others operate at the highest level possible, both in their personal and professional lives. His uncanny talent and experience have allowed him to assist many different people from various walks of life in the area of finding true happiness. This book combines his experiences with the practical application of the essential principles he’s learned along the way. Doug and his wife of twenty-plus years have five children and live in the hill country of South Texas.

The Recommendation

Anyone at all who loves books will love this! It is so many different things wrapped up into one package that I can't imagine a single person who won't find something of value from reading this.

The Review

A journey of self-discovery: those are always great, especially when the character manages to learn some powerful lessons along the way. Cleve goes on just such a journey, and we get to go right along with him in this book as he finds happiness.

And not just cliche happiness, but real happiness. At the beginning of the book he has no idea what he is trying to accomplish or where he wants to go, but as things progress he gradually discovers what he is trying to deal with and comes to terms with his own lack of happiness and what it will take to become truly happy. 

The only catch that pulled me up short was the fact that so much of the story revolves around God. When finding happiness is contingent on religion, I find myself pulling away. That being said, the book was so well put together and interesting that I find myself barely critical of this and still recommend it to anyone who likes self-help books with a little bit of humanity mixed into them.

The Rating


About the Book

Are you happy? Really?

Have you experienced business success and wondered if there is something more?

Have you figured out how to be successful at home as well as in business?

Do you struggle with finding time to think?

Have you learned how to make sense of setbacks and “bad things happening to good people”?

Cleve has it all. Or so he thinks. Until an apparent chance encounter with an old man named Camino causes him to realize that what he believes is happiness is merely a shadow of the joy he could experience.

Yes, having money and cool cars and freedom is fun, but happiness is not a result of accumulating stuff. Told in a compelling parable format, "Rethink Happy" challenges readers to redefine authentic joy. Join Cleve as Camino leads him on a journey through three key principles of old-school philosophy and new-school science toward understanding the secrets of living authentic joy.

Doug Kisgen hit rock bottom in the early 2000s when the business he was trying to grow took on so much debt that he and his family could barely make ends meet. It was then Doug realized that success and happiness has less to do with him and his ego and more to do with something much more profound. Since then, Doug has built and sold an INC5000 Fastest Growing Company and built a consulting business with clients in fifteen states across the US. "Rethink Happy" is Doug’s latest entrepreneurial venture, and the concepts he teaches through a parable format combine old-school philosophy with a little new-school science to help readers learn how to achieve authentic joy.