Book Review: Sleep then my Princess: A thriller by O.N. Stefan.

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Sleep then my Princess: A thriller by O.N. Stefan

About the Author

The seed for my thriller Sleep then My Princess was planted many years ago when I was nine-years-old. Our family went to visit friends. My parents were sitting at their friends' dining table after they had enjoyed a home cooked lunch and the discussion was about a woman who lived across the road from these friends. This woman was minding a pre-school age child from Monday to Friday. This child slept in the chicken shed at night summer and winter and was only cleaned up before her mother came to pick her up on Friday evening. I was shocked as were my parents.

Many years later, I saw a news report while holidaying in Scottsdale, Arizona about a woman who was babysitting children in a similar situation. This gave me the impetus to write that story.

Someone asked me why I wrote The Deadly Caress. It's what captured my attention at one time from a newspaper article about a young woman who grew up in difficult circumstances and discovered in adulthood that she’d been adopted and went in search of her biological parents and I started thinking….

What if a person was to discover that the woman she thought was her mother wasn't. How would she feel? What if this mother was murdered? What would this person do? 

Then there's a scary scene with Amanda driving down a mountainside and that comes from my memory banks. I grew up across the road from a very bad intersection and every weekend there would be at least one horrific accident. Some of these were youths speeding or chasing each other. Others were drunks or drivers who had miscalculated the sharp turn and careered into an oncoming car or the nearby light post. My dad would run over to see if an ambulance needed to be called as we were the only family in the street to have a phone. He'd take blankets over if the people was badly injured and I would help him. 

Once a car overtook another and miscalculated. He caught the side of the vehicle and the side panel was peeled away like a giant orange peel. This I have included in one of my scenes.

I find my characters everywhere and nowhere. 

I'm working on a sequel to The Deadly Caress due out early 2017. If you want to be included in a preview or any special offers, please contact me at

The Recommendation

Some of the situations in this book could be considered 'triggers' for readers and might not be ideal, but all in all this is an excellent read about situations far too many people face and can be seen both as a true-to-life book about a horrible situation and a thriller where a young woman is just trying to survive.

The Review

This is the story of a woman dealing with a complete creep and stalker, and the police won't take her claims seriously that there is something going on. Eventually, things escalate and it becomes a story of escape and survival.

The story seems to be ripped from the pages of so many headlines where stalkers and kidnapping are involved, but it did have a life of its own as well and did an amazing job of telling the story without getting bogged down in useless details or becoming so cliche as to be pointless. The author does a good job of setting the scenes with vivid emotion and power, and I found myself gripped to the screen during tense scenes.

There are some missteps, but in general the work is high quality and the characters well developed. As I mentioned above, this might not be the right book for some audiences because of the nature of what is being presented, but beyond that it is an excellent story.

The Rating


About the Book

Sleep then My Princess is an emotional thriller set in Arizona. While mourning the death of her husband, Senior Tissue Engineer, Stephani Robbins, is plagued by recurring visions of a child being locked up in a chicken coop. Meanwhile, someone is sending her creepy love poems, roses, and photos that have been taken without Stephani's knowledge. 
As more photos appear, the police suspect that Stephani has hired someone to take these photos. Before she can convince the police to take her seriously, she is kidnapped. While imprisoned she discovers why she has been having these visions and it is more chilling than she ever imagined. Can she make it out alive?

What some of my beta readers said...
Wow! You've got a thriller with a level of horrific reality here.
You take the reader inside a perverted serial killer's head and an innocent woman whose life has been ripped from her and whose present season of recovery is being trespassed. You describe the love of an adoring niece for her mourning auntie and this connects the reader to the prologue and adds another level of emotion to this already captivating plot.
What a book!

I have to say 'wow' because your writing style is so picturesque. You show a every detail to plainly. I was captured right away.
The showing is real and to telling, which is a top virtue in any real book.
The main character Stephanie has a sassy attitude underneath all of the hurt. Her story is heart breaking and so deep I felt her agony.
This is a worthy read.

O.N. Stefan, this one is so chilling and well written. The villain jumps off the page at the reader and scare the bejeebers out of you. You descriptions of the lab scene in the first chapter are right on and her getting the poem was quite spooky. The conflict of the mother and Puddles was well done showing just the type of upbringing or lack of this man had. High stars!

I think you have a great novel here. The prologue is intense and urged me to keep reading, as well as setting the stage for when she discovers the pictures to give a sensation of malice. Your voice is exciting and the dialogue is good. It does seem more formal at times, but that is to be expected when having highly educated characters. I especially like your detailed descriptions and the use of medical terminology.