Book Review: The Remnants by W.P. Osborn

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About the Author


I loved to hear my grandfather's incredible stories about his experiences during The Great War. While 'The Remnants' is a work of fiction, it is rooted in the true narrative of my grandparents who overcame a multitude of trials to escape the class tyranny of Edwardian England and find their way freedom.

I have carried this amazing story with me and was determined to one day share it with others and what better time than the 100th anniversary of World War One.

I was raised in a military family and during my formative years I lived on bases all across Canada. I know first hand the challenges and sacrifices that families face when they devote their lives to the service of their country. And I'm very happy that a portion of the proceeds of 'The Remnants' will be donated to True Patriot Love Foundation- a charity in support of Canadian Military Families.

The Recommendation

Anyone who loves historical dramas about war will love this, particularly if they are interested in the great war and having a book with all different elements scattered throughout.

The Review

Well-written and easy to read, this one is a real winner. W.P. Osborn does a great job with his story and characters, and I found myself wishing that the book was longer or I could see what came next after the adventures covered in this. He really brought it all to life in a way that was entertaining and vivid.

There was also a lot going on with this story, but all in all I thought the author did a pretty good job of weaving it all back around to tell such an amazing story about his ancestors. Most of it was exaggerated or hearsay, so I wouldn't necessarily call this a non-fiction book, but it was pleasant to read nevertheless.

The Rating


About the Book

The Remnants
By W. P. Osborn

The Remnants begins in Edwardian England and follows the story of Danny and Rose through their desperate struggle to hold on to their love - and their lives, during a time of momentous change.

Danny Pulbrook is a handsome and rebellious young man. Born the bastard son of a minor royal and orphaned at birth he is determined to find a new life far beyond his "pre-ordained oblivion". His only way out - a forced enlistment into the army brings him to an inevitable confrontation with his own demons in the cauldron of the first world war.

Rose Quayle is a beautiful and confident hazel-eyed housemaid who, like her mother and her mother's mother is employed in service at Meaford House - an expansive vice-regal estate near Tunbridge Wells. Like Danny she longs for a life beyond the tyranny of the rigid class system that defines her humble destiny.

Their chance meeting becomes the catalyst that changes both of their lives forever. 

The Remnants spans four continents and is a true emotional rollercoaster. Told through the lives of two young lovers it's a legacy of love and loss, passion, despair and quiet redemption; the profound story of enduring human spirit amid the agony of chaos and devastation.

..... "Downton Abbey" meets "Atonement".