Book Review: Perky Girl: The Amazing Life of Bienna Molo

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The Recommendation

Kids will enjoy this, and I even enjoyed it quite a bit. Hard to believe it was written by a talented little girl, but there you have it!

The Review

Great story, it is an awesome little chapter book written for kids. The story flowed very well and was broken up into short and fun chapters. It follows the life of Bienna from preschool until she is an old woman, and it was fun to see the way she progressed in each little snippet of life.

It was a short and fun little read, and I was really impressed by just how well put together it all was. Bienna is a fun character.

The Rating


About the Book

is a chapter book for ages 5 through 14 years old. The book follows the main character, a girl named Bienna, from preschool through college and into old age. Bienna is bright, talented, and always sticking up for doing the right things. Bienna goes through typical struggles, changes and high achievements during elementary school and early high school to emerge as a basketball star, Teen Club President, and overall extremely popular young woman. Her life winds down in sequels 1 and 2, where Bienna attends and graduates college, gets married, and lives out her life on the delightful pages of this most extraordinarily crafted novella. Written by a child for other children, this book has a quality of innocence that can only be described as fascinating. Enter the realm of Perky Girl Bienna Molo, and you will find a most enjoyable world indeed!