Email Newsletters in Review (Part 6) - eBookStamp


This is a website that is newer for me, and it seems like you can submit your book for a little bit of quick and easy promotion. The site isn't very popular, though, and I didn't see much in the way of results from submitting here.


Not a lot of reach for this one. It isn't terrible, but don't expect any tremendous results when you submit here because they don't have a huge audience. I think they are growing, but it's slow.


Free. Hard to beat the price, because the only real tradeoff is time spent submitting. That being said, that still might not be worthwhile for everyone.


Nothing really happened after submitting. I went to the website to make sure my post went through, but in general it just sort of floundered out there and didn't get much visibility. That being said, it's free, so I didn't have huge expectations either.


This one is kind of clunky and hard to figure out, but they can offer a little extra promotion for very little work. Free is always good, I just wish their system made a little more sense.


Grade: C+