Author Interviews: Sean Seebach

Sean Seebach

Today I'll be interviewing Sean Seebach, author of The Pig Man. He has a new book up on Kindle Scout that you should check out called Autumn Dark.

A fantasy/horror novella, Our Monsters Are Real takes place in the summer of a small, Midwestern town called Edlund. Daryl, the farm boy hero, is soon to graduate high school and uses an unknown source of magic against a morbid family. Teenage adolescence, desire, and rock and roll all play their part in discovering secrets that affect the lives of the Carters as they settle into their new life.

Author Bio

Sean Seebach is a horror/thriller author whose work appears regularly on Creepy Catalog. His first book, Our Monsters are Real, was published in March of 2016. He currently lives in Ohio with his wife and son.

Let's get to the interview, shall we?

What is the Pig Man about?

With the help of magic, a boy searches for his missing friend.

Tell us about yourself. Why did you start writing?

To learn more about myself and the world around me.

Do you market your books? What has worked for you?

Not really, except for the occasional Tweet and Facebook post. Word of mouth has worked the best.

If there was one thing you discovered while writing that you wish you knew when you started, what would it be?

To read what I had written the day before I begin writing for the day. It helps with consistency and saves time on more editing come the second draft.

What are you working on now?

I just finished my first novel, Autumn Dark. A collection of short stories will be my next book.


Sean also has a new book up on Kindle Scout he's working on getting nominations for. Check it out here:

Up until September 20th

Up until September 20th

I would like to thank Sean for showing up for the interview today and wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors! Everyone should go check out his work on Amazon and nominate on Kindle Scout. Who knows, you might just get a free book!