Podcast Review (Part 1) - Writership Podcast


I knew the Writership Podcast from the very beginning, back when it had only just begun critiquing people's work and it had the original hosts. 

Leslie Watts and Alyssa Archer. Now, Alyssa has stepped out and Clark Chamberlain has stepped in to fill her spot. I was sad to see Alyssa go, because I thought this podcast was actually quite a bit stronger with the two female hosts, but Clark has done an admirable job of filling in.

The podcast is broken down into sections. First, there is an introduction about the topic of the episode with a quote the relates to what they are going to discuss, and then there is a reading of a sample submission from an author. Finally, they discuss the submission itself and how it relates to their current topic before finally wrapping things up. They also give an editorial mission in the wrap-up to help people practice.

I like formulaic podcasts because it gives a roadmap for how the show will go. The hosts are never negative and have an almost whimsical belief that all writing is salvageable with just a little TLC.


The hosts know a lot about writing, and self-editing. They can help anyone learn how to be a better critic of their own work, and they do an amazing job of making things simple and easy to understand, even when the topics are difficult.


The submission process is the most useful part by far. Any author can submit a short section (a few pages) of their either published or unpublished novel, poetry, short story, or anything else to them and they will critique it. They offer writing suggestions, point out mistakes, and general help in the craft of writing.

I've submitted two different works, and both times the suggestions they offered were incredibly useful and helped me further develop my style. However, everyone's mileage will vary and some shows do feel significantly weaker than others. There is no cost associated with submitting, though, and the hosts are very pleasant to work with, so I think anyone who is brave enough to have their work in progress read aloud should submit. 

It doesn't deal with anything beyond the craft of writing itself, so don't expect to hear any nuggets of wisdom about marketing or publishing. They are incredibly focused, and only occasionally try to peddle projects to you. Even then, their projects are worthwhile. 

Sound Quality

Generally, this is rather excellent and I've never noticed any problems. It isn't professional level by any means, but that isn't an expectation set forth. For the service they offer, this is a very easy podcast to listen to.

Grade: A-

Check it out for yourself!