Email Newsletter Sites in Review (Part 2) - BookPebble


I've used this site a couple of times for promoting books through email, and it's one of the newer sites that I've seen around the block. This can actually be great in reaching a new audience of interested readers, but it also means that it likely has a smaller subscriber base than many competitors out there.

The good news? It's free!


It's free. For now, at least, and they haven't announce any plans to change that in the near future. This is a huge advantage because it means that the cost of actually running a promotion is only the time it takes you to fill out their online form. Which brings up another benefit:

Ease of Use

BookPebble is super easy to actually use, and this is huge when it comes to signing up for a promotional service. There are a lot of services out there that will charge you twenty-five bucks to submit your book to a lot of free sites, and authors use them all the time because it can get extremely cumbersome to repeatedly sign the same book up for promotions.

BookPebble's signup reminds me a lot of the eBookSoda signup form and is just as easy to use. You fill in the details, hit submit, and then get a confirmation that your promotion is all set up for the day you want it to run.


Nothing too major or out of the ordinary: Under 5 bucks, full length, great cover, and more than five reviews. Error free is a plus, and by now you should have an amazing book description and opening anyway so that shouldn't be a problem.

If anything these requirements are under industry standard, which means you're more likely to get picked if you do submit.


They are growing, which is why they are free, but that brings up the problem of submitting to a new list that doesn't have a lot of readers. Since it's new, it might actually get better turnaround of clicks from its users (because new users are traditionally more invested in a list and suffer less atrophy) but it's still a small number of people who are getting sent to.

Still, it's free, and I would definitely recommend checking them out and submitting a book. They have some requirements you'll have to meet, but many people will be able to get over these and get their book out there.

I have a few promotions I'm running in various genres over the next few weeks, so I'll update with results as soon as I have them!


Decent results over several trial runs. Check out the list of results at:

Result List

To view them!


Grade: B+

See for yourself and signup!

Check it out for yourself! The Price is Right!

Check it out for yourself! The Price is Right!