Book Review: Gamers and Gods: The Complete Trilogy by Matthew Kennedy

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About the Author

Matthew R. Kennedy (1956 - ) was born in West Point, NY -- which was odd, because his father was a Navy pilot. He received his BS in Physics from the University of Central Florida ... after co-inventing the Hypercube Loudspeaker (US Patent 4,231,446 "Resonating Chamber) while still an undergraduate. 

After physics graduate school at FSU, he pursued a career in software. His work in Web Development and Active Server Pages has played a role at Sylvan (, where he developed Web pages for their international testing and certification scheduling, and at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he worked with disease population statistics and medical scorecard pages to assist doctors in following clinical practice guidelines.

The Recommendation

For anyone who loves video games, gaming with their friends in the basement, or just a great action packed story about gods and heroes and battling against evil! This book has a little bit of everything and was incredibly fun to read.

The Review

It isn't often that I find a book that I can really sink my teeth into and have a lot of fun with, but this was rewarding in a lot of different ways. I love video games, and especially the sort that this seemed to be constantly alluding to, so as soon as I started reading it and they were talking about avatars and spells and abilities I was hooked.

I think the author made a few mistakes in putting this book together. For one thing, it doesn't have a table of contents and is difficult to navigate and maneuver through, and some of the formatting was wrong, but in general I was able to overlook those problems and really just let go and enjoy myself.

Don't get me wrong, this book isn't for everyone, and I can think of a lot of people I know who would hate it. But, I know just as many who would love it and plan to recommend it to them, so I consider it to be a real winner and just plain fun!

The Rating


About the Book

A hero from ancient Greece finds himself in a battle between pantheons for the future of Earth. Follow three generations of virtual demigods as they fight for our freedom. This series has it all: nobility, sacrifice, love, honor, courage, and hope. Incarnated as living software, heroes will strive in a virtual arena where love may be the most powerful weapon of all -- and the one that could give us our chance as a species to fulfill our destiny.