Book Review: The Compulsive Move

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The Recommendation

For people who like short and quick reads about life and the day to day things that happen to us, this could be an interesting story to check out. But, if you like action and for things to 'happen' I would give this one a miss.

The Review

This was a really short and quick read, and it was a literary story and unique in that nothing really happened. The story was quick and over with, and being someone who loves action I was left wondering what exactly had happened.

The thing is, this is more a book about life and struggles people face than a story about anything in particular. Things just sort of moved slowly in the story.

It wasn't my normal genre of books to read, but I did actually like it. The author did a fairly good job of keeping me interested, and the fact that it was so short certainly helped. I'm certainly not going to turn to the genre as a form of entertainment for me, but short quick reads like this can be enjoyable sometimes.

The Rating


About the Book

The Compulsive Move
By Phillip Cornell

The inner struggle of a teen doing his own thing, as opposed to doing what is right. He hides his true intentions, from his friends and family, to uproot his entire life and move from St. Louis to Chicago. This novel undergoes a profile of his personal and work life, along with a step by step analysis of how he executed such a difficult task. Emotionally speaking, he thoroughly under thinks a lot of situations that leads to a series of bad decisions.