Book Review: Granny's Stories by Margaret Henderson Book of the Day

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The Recommendation

Anyone who loves autobiographies about interesting people and their lives will love reading this story!

The Review

This one was rather well-told and I loved the way in which she detailed out her life and the people she interacted with and the myriad of places she had been. It is clear that she lived a rich and full life and really loved the people she was around, and she catalogs it all in a clear and easy to understand manner.

I think she could have spent more time explaining how the historical aspects of each situation influenced what happened to her, because often I wasn't sure what was going on during the time in which she is telling about, so when she makes little allusions to what is happening I felt a little lost. For example, I know very little about Zanzibar so even though the scene was very interesting, I felt a little bit lost by it all.

All in all, though, I really enjoyed this volume and was impressed by just how full the author's life was. Well-done!

The Rating


About the Book

Granny's Stories
By Margaret Henderson

Here is a life story to be gleaned from tales of adventure, remarkable journeys, and interesting people. The author’s intention is to inform and inspire her granddaughters, and to leave them with an image of her as something more than the old woman they knew and loved.

Some internet research into the lists at the end of some of the sections will provide an historical and geographical backdrop to many of the lively anecdotes.