Debunking Myths (Part 2) - Kindle Scout Hot and Trending

Kindle Scout Hot & Trending

A lot of people have developed the opinion that hot and trending doesn't matter on Kindle Scout. This opinion has developed for a lot of different reasons, but there are a few things about the process that should be mentioned before considering the truth of this statement.

If you are new to Kindle Scout and don't really know what it is, Lincoln Cole has written a lot of information about the topic, including a guide book about the program and how to run a campaign.

You can check it all out at:

Lincoln Cole Kindle Scout Guide

But, if you aren't new to the program, then maybe you have run a campaign or are considering running one of your own. You're probably wondering, if Kindle Scout Hot and Trending doesn't matter, then why bother trying to make the list?

The Hot and Trending list is the list of the top twenty books based on nominations and other data. Getting on the list can help a lot while running a campaign.

The first reason why hot and trending definitely matters is because most people make their selections based on which books are currently getting the most attention. Most people who browse the website just looking at which books are trending and which are close to the end of their campaigns. Kindle Scout is like a transaction where people select three books and can possibly win free makes perfect fiscal sense to try and nominate as many books as possible, which means nominating the ones near the end of their campaign. Further, it makes sense to select books likely to win a contract, which means books that are trending.

Another reason why the list matters is because it is constantly evolving. Amazon changes the weight of the system constantly, making certain features more important and removing loopholes. They wouldn't bother doing this unless it was a system that mattered to them.

In general, hot and trending isn't nearly as important as having a good book, but the idea that it doesn't matter at all is false.