Book Review: The Pursuit of Time

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The Recommendation

Decent science fiction with some cool new ideas. Readers who like hopeful science fiction that is fairly believable will want to check this one out.

The Review

This was quite a bit different than books I would normally read in the science fiction genre. It involves medical ideas that seemed realistic and fascinating, namely the transplant of brains and the idea of prolonging life. However, it spent a lot of time and energy wrapped around one man's struggle to get this despite it being commonly used only for the super rich and super valuable.

In some ways it felt incredibly relatable, and the idea that the science would be withheld from lay people wasn't far fetched at all. However, I didn't really relate to John Axelton at all as a main character. He just didn't really make me interested in the story, and none of the other characters in the book really came to life either.

I liked the idea of the story, and it was smooth reading, but I just didn't really enjoy this book. That doesn't mean I don't recommend it to readers as decent science fiction, I just won't rave about anything from it. The extra characters in the book could have used some more development, the plot could have used punching up, but in general it was a good story and easy to read.

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About the Book

In the year 2038 as the world struggles to adapt to energy shortages and the effects of global warming, advances in medical technology make human brain transplants possible. This story chronicles the effect this advance has on society and the fight by one dying man to extend his life with the help of his attorney friend. It challenges stereotypically held views of the elderly and their capabilities.