Book Review: Immediacy

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Hard to get through and incredibly cumbersome, this volume did have some good ideas in it. I can't recommend it for the casual reader, though.

The Review

This book had some big ideas and was fairly well put together. I found myself constantly pondering the actual content that the author was presenting and the ideas of immediacy, death, and religion. It starts out with a bang examining the ideas of immediacy in religion and how we can cope with God and reconcile that with death and misfortune. It is some heavy stuff, and the author doesn't pull any punches.

The cover is incredibly bland, however, and I found that this detracted fairly seriously from the overall quality of the volume. I don't know many people who would buy this book from the cover alone, and even people to whom it is recommended might think twice before actually giving it a chance.

it is also fairly difficult to parse through at times, especially when it talks about Dormant and Impending Immediacies, but even when it gets cumbersome it is well documented. All in all, this was an interesting read but one I will only recommend to people who are already interested in the topic and want to learn more.

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About the Book

Explores a new paradigm for understanding social-psychological situations in which we live our lives.
Along the way it illuminates the seductive appeal of cults and false messiahs, ways in which morality can be ennobling as well as deadly, the power of prayer, and the hidden side of personal careers.

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