Take The Long (and Short) Way Home

Sometimes you have to write all the way through a story in order to get it all down. Then break out your pick-axe and chip away until the damn thing makes sense. Only me? So be it.

That's what I'm doing now with a short story I'm working on (along with the next book) now. A lot of backstory is coming out near the end. Some of it may stay, most of it will have to go, but more than likely, it'll all be summed up in one sentence somewhere in the beginning.  

And you know what? It's all great fun. 

Brian Keene's The Rising (Author's Preferred Edition) is on sale now until I believe Saturday for only 0.99 and you need to check that shit out. The Rising is a masterpiece and is considered partly responsible for the new wave of zombies, along with 28 Days Later (the film) and The Walking Dead comics. Seriously, it's a buck and it's worth your time. 

I'm not caught up with Twin Peaks yet but my wife and I will soon watch last Sunday's episode in the next few days. Author Mary SanGiovanni posted that questions were answered, while new ones arise. I smiled at that. That son of a bitch Lynch is at it again!

I did read Weeds by Stephen King a few nights ago. Weeds is a glorious short story that was turned into a short film for Creepshow, which stars Stephen King as Jordy Verrill, a wonderful character with many shortcomings (mainly his intelligence). It's gruesome and chilly and made me itch all over. I loved it.

Next on the reading block is The Dark Tower 5 The Wolves of Calla. It's dawned on me that I won't finish the series before the movie releases but I'll probably finish it before I watch it because it's hard as hell for me to get to the movies anymore. 

George Romero passed on. Very sad news. All of the remembrances of him that I've read have been nothing but kind, real, and genuine. He was a titan, an original, and will be deservingly remembered as one. 

He'll find it home, but I have a feeling he'll take the short way, because fast zombies suck. If you know anything about Romero, you'll get the joke here. He would've laughed at least. 

Keep on chooglin'

I've heard that Cemetery Dance Magazine will have open submissions this Autumn. Since learning this, I have started a short story called Never Tear Us Apart. It's just under 3,000 words right now and is in the early stages of creation, aka the first draft.

Here's the thing about Cemetery Dance. They only publish the best of the best. I do not think my craft is up to par to be considered either, but I have to try. The story concept is interesting and modern and it's right for the magazine. However, their acceptance will be based upon execution and strength of writing. I've always trusted my imagination, but, as the saying goes, ideas are a dime dozen, it is the execution of said idea that separates the good from the bad, or the good from the great. Which brings me to...

...my acceptance into Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp (2018 Session). The BPWBC takes place in Maryland at the end of January. Only 20 authors are accepted. Me being one of them. Quite the privilege. I'm excited. While there, I will receive constructive feedback from others and will learn to give the same. Who will be there? 

  • Douglas E. Winter
  • F. Paul Wilson
  • Ginjer Buchanan
  • Tom Monteleone
  • And Special Guest Instructor, Peter Straub

An excerpt from the Borderlands Press Website pertaining to the workshop:

Professional writers learn early on the ability to receive and implement critical feedback is the most important element contributing to the improvement of their craft. When writers learn to EDIT their own work with a critical eye, they discover the ultimate key to their success.

Nothing more needs to be said about that, other than I feel critical analysis is what my work has been missing. 

Attending this workshop by no means guarantees that I'll walk away ready to write something important, but it will help me improve, and that's all I care about.

Jumping back to the aforementioned CD submission. I'll be submitting with zero expectations. But I have to try. Although I'd like to have the knowledge I'll gain from the workshop prior to writing the story, no amount of time writing is time wasted. And you never get in if you don't submit. 

The next book is coming along, scene by scene. The characters aren't well behaved and they've begun doing things on their own which is one of the most exciting things for me as a writer to watch unfold. It probably won't be ready for publication until 2018...after I apply what I learn at the workshop.

That's enough about me.

Season 3 of Twin Peaks is picking up like a steam locomotive. The dots to finding Dougie Jones (aka Special Agent Dale Cooper) are beginning to connect for the characters and I feel that the last nine episodes are going to be intense as they get closer to doing so. I also think this season may be David Lynch's greatest artistic achievement, both as a director and storyteller.  

Until next time. Be good to each other.

The Everett Exorcism and Twin Peaks

Lincoln Cole is trying is hand at publishing with Kindle Scout again. His first and only published work with them is Raven's Peak, a modern-action-horror and also the first of the Raven's Series. This time around, he's submitted another horror, The Everett Exorcism. There are only 10 days left to nominate it. Supporting him would mean a great deal to the both of us.

If you choose to nominate it for publication and it gets published through Kindle Scout, you'll get it for free as an eBook. Not a bad deal, eh?

You can nominate it and read the first 5,000 words here:



I've been watching Twin Peaks lately and I'm completely caught up on the series. It's magnificent. If you're a fan of the series, then I recommend getting on it immediately. It picks up right where Season 2 ended, with Special Agent Dale Cooper still trapped in The Black Lodge. Almost every cast member has returned and it's filled with great tension and suspense. The quirkiness is still there and so are the subtle hints that help give meaning to what is actually going on. And although I don't completely understand what those hints always mean, it's still a one-of-a-kind viewing experience. I'm also confident that as the season progresses, many questions will be answered. 

There is also a playlist on Spotify that includes the music from the show, spanning from the themes to the featured bands that play at the Bang Bang Bar. The playlist is titled TWIN PEAKS: It Is Happening Again.

The Horror Show with Brian Keene is giving one lucky winner admission to The Ghost Town Writer's Retreat in Colorado. All you have to do is follow myself and Robert Swartwood on Twitter to enter by this June 21, 2017.

My handle is @seebach_sean and Robert's is @RobertSwartwood

The contest is only for ENTRY. It does NOT include travel or stay. 

Obviously, we are ineligible to enter. But if I had the time and money to attend, I would.

I'm working on the early stages of my next book now and if I can execute it in the way that I hope I think readers will enjoy it. It follows a country-rock musician and a clairvoyant, both from two totally different backgrounds, who find themselves fighting against their greatest of fears. Nothing new there, right? But I think the antagonist and the concept of his motives are something fresh. Again, it will come to execution. May my Muse be with me.

I've also entered a story called Author Unknown from my latest book, a collection of short stories called A Looking In View, into the Borderlands Press Writer's Boot Camp. They only take 20 people. It's an extensive writing course that helps writers become better by teaching them how to deconstruct and analyze their work without bias. I'll know if I've been accepted sometime mid-July. 

That's it for me. Hope this finds you well. 





A Looking In View is available in paperback

You can order paperbacks for my new anthology, A Looking In View, now. They should arrive just in time for publication date May 16th. Ebook will upload on that date if you've pre-ordered.


I've been sharing excerpts from selected stories over on my Facebook page. Feel free to check them out if you feel so inclined:


In other news, M.N. Arzu has released the latest book in her Under Series (A Merfolk Story). You can get that here:



Richard Chizmar and Stephen King's new book, Gwendy's Button Box, is out May 16th, too, and the reviews have been stellar. I'll be taking a break in my trek through The Dark Tower Series (I'm on Wizard and Glass) to read it. 

Brian Keene will be releasing his non-fiction essay collection through Cemetery Dance soon. It's called End of the Road and from what he shared on CD's website through weekly columns, readers will be in for an emotional experience. 

I had the chance to pick Lincoln Cole's brain a little about his next project(s). His next few book ideas are remarkable and I can't wait to read them.

You can check him out here: 


The man knows no boundaries in genre. As you will see upon visiting his author page. He's prolific and his prose is hammered with purpose. 

You may have to copy/paste some of these (or all of these) links. My apologies for that. I'm still trying to get the hang of this.

Be well and respect your fellow kind (and animals).

Listening To: Ground Zero Podcast with Clyde Lewis

Watching: Nothing

Reading: The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass





Two weeks out from finalizing final draft of A Looking In View. It goes live in two weeks from today, May 16!

I'll be sharing some excerpts from it on Facebook. Do excerpts actually sell copies of books? Maybe. But probably not. At least it'll show people that I'm not a fraud, though, right?

My good friend, Lincoln Cole, and me will be appearing at the esteemed Wagnalls Memorial Library in Lithopolis, Ohio on Memorial Day from 11am-1pm. We will be selling and signing our books for the great folks of the town and neighboring counties. 

It'll be my first signing and I'm more than thrilled for it to be held at the library in my hometown. It's mystical, magical, a beautiful structure, and it could be said that the library has played a significant role in me becoming a reader, and eventually, a writer. 

Ideas have been peculating in my head for the next book. I will not share them because I'm superstitious, much like Hemingway was. And i need all the luck I can get.

That's it. Be good, take care. 


Gwendy's Button Box and the return of CWDP

Richard Chizmar released the first chapter of Gwendy's Button Box, a book written by Richard Chizmar and Stephen King, today on his website. Go to richardchizmar.com to read it. The opening is a promising one, and I'm already intrigued to discover what exactly it is Gwendy, our protagonist, will have to overcome. It also felt good to be back in Castle Rock, even if for a short while.

CWDP or Conversations With Dead People, is an online experience between two amazing artists: M.J. Pack and Amy Venezia, and the deceased. They've had first hand encounters with Prince, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, a few others, and, soon, Robin Williams. 

You can follow their journeys on Facebook @ConversationsWithDeadPeople or at themjpack.com, click on the paranormal tab.

You can visit Amy, too, at amyvenezia.net. Yes, she's a psychic medium. And, yes, she's for real. Don't believe me? Then read the testimonials and request a reading for yourself. 

Both of those women have helped me tremendously, personally and professionally. 

You can pre-order my latest book, a collection of short stories called A Looking In View, for 0.99 at Amazon in Kindle format. The book will be published on May 16th, 2017. Paperbacks will be available on that date as well. If you're a Kindle reader, don't wait until May 16th to order it because the price will go up to $3.49.

A Looking In View is comprised of 13 shorts, one of which is a novella, and features 7 never before published stories. The other six which were published have been re-written and polished. I wrote them several years ago. Out of respect for myself (and most definitely the reader) the re-writing was mandatory. It always is. 

Look for Autumn Dark for free on Amazon on April 8-9th. It's part of a big marketing campaign for A Looking In View. The next book always sells the current one, as it's said. 

Until then, as Shooter Jennings says: Love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.

(I'm still convinced nobody reads these blog posts. But, if for some strange reason someone does, I stole this next part of the blog from Brian Keene's newsletter. I respect him and his newsletter greatly. In fact, you should subscribe to it yourself. You might learn a thing or two.)

Reading: The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three

Listening: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Watching: I'll be checking out Season 2 of Better Call Saul as soon as I get the time.


A Looking In View Update

Greetings readers (although I'm still convinced nobody reads these),

I'm pleased to say that I'm over halfway finished with the final draft of my upcoming anthology A Looking In View.

The great designer, Michelle Arzu, has already completed the cover and she's just waiting on me to submit some book blueprints. I will share the cover once it's ready. It's awesome!

This is when I begin to get really excited about a release. It's like when you've been working on a deck for months, and the only thing left to do is apply the stain. You stare at it, are in awe of all the hard work and time and sacrifice you've put in to the damn thing and you start to feel a little proud of the accomplishment. I like the book. The cover is great. Half of the stories have been sent to my beta reader. Once the other half of the stories are sent, I'll just have to edit and do my best to pull the nails out that didn't quite hammer smoothly into the wood (grammar and punctuation). 

I have a great marketing plan set up for A Looking In View. I hope it does well, reaches a lot more readers. 

This is an exciting time to be an author. And with continuous hard work, an open mind, and positive mental attitude, something great just might happen.

Listening To: Beyond the Black by Shooter Jennings. Listen to his album Black Ribbons f/ Stephen King as radio dj Willow the Wisp. If you dig it, then dive right in to Beyond the Black, a form of album/podcast that gives the entire backstory of what inspired Shooter to make Black Ribbons. 

Watching: Kong: Skull Island, a great film, notably for the close-ups of Samuel L. Jackson's face when he's upset and determined. Thank God for John C. Riley in the movie. He made it more enjoyable to watch.

Reading: The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King. I read the Gunslinger over a year ago and was determined to finish the entire Dark Tower series this year, 2017. I'm only thirty pages in and am already hooked.


Be safe out there. Be kind to strangers.

And don't feed the animals.

One Year Anniversary/Pressure

This past Saturday, my first book, Our Monsters Are Real: The Pig Man, was published by a small press company one year ago. I wrote a post on Facebook about it being badly written, but still having a warm place in my heart.

Both are true. And to be honest, I think the story kicks ass. Give me that story now, and I would be able to execute it better. But that's how it should be right? Especially for young authors. It never gets easier, but it does get easier, the more you do it, just in a different way. You're a year wiser and yet never enough years near where you want to be.

Shifting out of first and straight into fifth gear, the second draft of my next book, A Looking In View, is almost halfway finished. Deadline is April 29 for pre-sale on Amazon. I've sent the book blurb and the genre and title over to book cover artist Michelle Arzu this morning so she can get crackin' on a kickass cover.   

I've given myself plenty of time to complete this book and have a deadline (that I set myself) and I already have a marketing plan in place that's paid for so I can't turn back now. I like it. It urges me to skip the crossword and get right into the stories, which is what should happen but doesn't always happen. 

I had the Philly Cheesesteak Pizza from Domino's tonight and it was damn impressive. You know what else is impressive? That viral video of Annie Lennox and David Bowie singing "Pressure" during rehearsal. Bowie looks so damn cool with the top four or five buttons on his shirt unbuttoned and a cigarette in his hand.

That's it for this week. Be good. Stay sane.

Listening To: Hell or High Water Soundtrack and whatever plays after it on Spotify.

Watching: Hap and Leonard

Reading: Chills by Mary SanGiovanni

A Looking In View Update

Happy to announce that the second draft of my first ever anthology, A Looking In View, is coming along better than I expected.

Publishing date is May 3rd, so I better get my ass in gear if I want it to be ready to roll for pre-sale on Amazon.

I still have no editor, so again, the painstaking job of finding every error and ironing out the stories the best I can will be done solely by me. I'm not bitching. This is my dream. It's my density...I mean...my destiny, as George McFly would say. Luckily, I have a sharp beta reader on my side.

Meanwhile, I'm putting together a blurb for the back cover so the wonderful and always amazing Michelle Arzu can create incredible artwork for the book.

Between that, working full time, and being a father and a husband, my time will be limited. I still have to find time to set up a huge sale for Autumn Dark, my latest novel. And it will all be worth it.

One story polished, twelve more to go.

Listening to: Classic Rock playlist on Spotify. I only listen to classical music while I write first drafts. It is only until I'm rewriting when I can listen to music with lyrics. Right now Cream is playing. Before that, Deep Purple. 

Watching: Oh my God have you seen Split? I loved it. It was the first time I ever clapped and gasped out loud after a movie. I was also the only one doing so. Many people find the movie offensive to people with psychology disorders. I can respect that. I can also respect that it's also only a movie. I'm happy to see M. Night getting back into the swing of things.

Reading: I just finished a great crime thriller by author George Stratford called A Fine Line. I will be starting Chills by Mary SanGiovanni tonight and I couldn't be happier about it. I've been looking forward to reading her for quite some time.

Take care, dream big, and never quit.


The Resistance/New Anthology

Steven Pressfield calls it The Resistance. Julia Cameron calls it The Great Censor. I call it both. It's that thing that tells you you aren't good enough. It works in mysterious ways, much like how some people describe the Lord. It's trying to sabotage me from printing my first draft of my next book (not really, but I thought this would be a good way to start this post). Well, it's kind of trying to. I forgot to number the pages on my manuscript after I uploaded it to the UPS website for print. Upon fixing said error, I was unsuccessful twice in uploading it again. Apparently there's a problem with the server now. No worries, IT never succeeds. And you shouldn't allow it to either.

Old Man Winter

This is the perfect time to get cozy under a blanket and read a great book. What with the frigid cold and wind and rain and snow and sleet, why be outside? Take cover, people! The Old Man has arrived and he won't be going away anytime soon. There will be plenty of time to put on the pounds over the final days of December, work them off in January and February, and fit back into those denims just in time for March. Until then, READ. Let an author take you away to another world, one where the characters are far worse off than you are. 

Alive and Breathing

If you're reading this then that means we're both still alive. That's a good thing. I hope this message finds you well and optimistic in the midst of political conspiracy and college football banter. 

I'm not here to discuss either. 

What I am here to discuss is what's been shaping up to be a decent collection of short stories that I'm working on. The collection is currently titled "Blue Collar Diesel" and I'm halfway through it. I'm hoping for an early 2017 release. But that may be delayed due to how many rewrites it'll take for me to be happy with the end product. Not to worry though. Like all indie authors, I'll send updates as they come and will market the hell out of it once it's ready. 

My latest book, a supernatural thriller titled Autumn Dark, is available now at Amazon. You may have read an excerpt from it if you're subscribed to my mailing list. I hope it was enough to whet your interest to want to read the entire novel. If not, so be it. It's not for everybody. 

In other news, I've been invited to create a story from the world of Autumn Dark in an upcoming anthology due out early 2017. As soon as January, I believe. My wife gave me a great idea on how to do it without giving too much away about the mystery surrounding the characters. I like the idea of a spin-off story. It'll be fun for readers who read and enjoyed the book to get a further glimpse inside of Woodrow and some of its characters. Unfortunately, Michelle's story line remains that way, open-ended. I wanted to leave it up to the readers to decide what color her eyes were when she opened them (although I dropped a hint at what they may have been). And if you're wondering if I even knew or if I was being lazy and wanted to just end the damn thing, I did and I wasn't. The last sentence resonated with me. I liked the feeling it gave me after I wrote it and hoped that same feeling would resonate with readers. Sometimes it's nice not to have a story perfectly wrapped up in a nice, neat little bow. This was one of those stories. 

I subscribe to a few authors mailing lists that I really admire, notably Brian Keene. Brian ends his weekly emails with a list of who he's currently listening to, currently reading, and what he's currently watching. I'll steal his idea and do the same because maybe you'll find something of interest too. 

Currently listening: Black Ribbons by Shooter Jennings. It's a concept album with special guest Stephen King as radio disc jockey Willow the Wisp. I've listened to the album in its entirety ten or so times and it resonates about how I feel about the world currently.

Currently watching:  The Twilight Zone, Seasons 1-4

Currently reading: The Fireman by Joe Hill, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and Cemetery Dance, Issue # 74/75. In the current issue of Cemetery Dance is a novella written by Joe Hill called Snapshot, 1988. It is one of the greatest stories I've ever read. The issue is available on Cemetery Dance's website for $14.95 and is worth the price for the novella alone. I've discovered many great authors from the mag, as I suspect you will too if you get it.

Take care of each other and be safe out there.